A horse thing from the beginning!

A horse thing from the beginning!

   Falling in love with fox hunting as other equine activities was easy...

It all started years ago, ever since I was a child was captivated by these magicical equines.

The transition from just riding to the addiction of Fox Hunting began on an early November day.

Riding with a friend for the first time to our opening meet. Fast and furious, ol’ Renard gave the hounds great chase.

    The air was perfectly cool thru late morning still with drifting fog.  A dreamy, calm, still end for the first hunt of the season.  Horses cooling down, putting tack away, we all looked forward to the Governor's Breakfast that evening.

All the stories, laughs, fancy unexpected dismounts and our favorite flask recipes we’d share.

     I loaded my horse on the trailer, just then I caught a glimpse of a dapple Grey beauty, always loved the Greys. As they came closer all i saw was pure grace, elegance, it was poetry in motion.

‘a fine painting of a lady riding aside.’  

    Dressed emaculate in traditional habit, on her Irish bred Mare

still lathered with sweat, they couldn't be more picture perfect.

    We all enjoyed listening to the hounds sing and

the huntsman’s horn up and down the line.

    All sharing the passion for the thrill of it all.

Today members come from all around. We would rather be

here in Virginia hunt country riding our favorite horse to hounds

and escape for a while then any other place.

a world and time over a thousand years, we still hear the song from the hounds and call of the horn.  

A way of life, steeped in history and traditions, a treasured sport to be sure.  

    It’s a blessing to be part of this beautiful, thrilling, heart pounding, crazy, exciting

horse and hound thing .                         



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